Equiknoxx - Colon Man

  • Kareece Put Some Thread In A Zip Lock
  • Heathen Emissaries From The Dens Of Babylon
  • Plantain Porridge
  • Flank
  • Your Ears Are Not Very Small
  • Melodica Badness
  • Ceremonial Eating Dog
  • Sent For Ducklings, Got Ducks
  • Enter A Raffle... Win A Falafel
  • A World Of Welsh
  • Definitely Not Something Offensive
  • We Miss You Little Joe
  • Waterfalls In Ocho Rios
Debut LP proper from the Jamaican duo - left elctronics in a loosely dancehall framework.
Label: Demdike Stare
Cat No: DDS027
Media Type

2 x 12"


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