• Big Dill Choo
  • Housephone
  • Dry Eyes
  • Never Had
  • Shook
  • Return
  • Naturaal
  • Killed
  • 4mor
  • Vibeless
  • Bey So Hiii
  • Spring

I first heard O$VMV$M when Neek was playing at an instore at our old shop. He started dropping these 7″ dubplates that completly floored me – I asked what they were and he explained that him and Amos (also of Young Echo) had been writing music together. I knew I had to have some of their tunes for Idle Hands. This LP is the final part of a trilogy that started in 2015 – they are some of my favourite records I have put out on the label. The duo have picked up admirers along the way, but I still feel like people are just catching up with what they have done. In years to come their music will be viewed as some of the best music to come from Bristol.

If you haven’t checked them yet you need to.

Label: Idle Hands
Cat No: IDLE053
Media Type

1 x 12"


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